Hewlett Packard Enterprise Releases iLO Amplifier Pack With Server System Restore

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has released an update to its iLO Amplifier Pack, making Server System Restore available to customers who have already purchased or downloaded the iLO Amplifier Pack. Server System Restore is a feature that enables the automatic restoration of server operating environments, through the iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition license, following cyber-attacks or other malware attacks. HPE announced the immediate availability of Server System Restore for existing customers by downloading here.

Why does this matter?

Here’s the situation: you are a Chief Information Officer or Chief Information Security Officer and get “the call.” Infrastructure has been compromised, data has been encrypted. Your business has come to a standstill. After speaking with your team for 15 minutes, you realize your two choices will be to pay a healthy ransom or cobble together a system and data recovery plan that was never updated to account for today’s world. Five days and $50,000 in cryptocurrency later, your organization is back up and running and you just have to trust that the hackers who attacked your infrastructure were noble enough to remove all malware and destroy any copies of your data they may have had.

Sound pretty farfetched? It’s not. According to Cybersecurity Venture’s 2017 Ransomware Damage Report, ransomware attacks have increased 15-fold in the last two years. Next year it’s predicted that a company will be infected by ransomware every 14 seconds. And the cost? […Continue to the article]


Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/moorinsights/2018/02/21/hewlett-packard-enterprise-releases-ilo-amplifier-pack-with-server-system-restore/#7ba56d701090